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Chemical Peel After Care


Treat skin gently: rough textures/products can be too aggressive for freshly peeled skin. Use Aquaphor to help sooth and heal skin.

Wear SPF: the sun with its UV rays can have reverse effects before the skin starts to peel and damage the skin after it has peeled. Apply sunscreen every single day and reapply every 2 hours.

Limit time outdoors: reduced sun exposure is strongly recommended during the peeling process. 



Pick at the skin: the purpose of a peel is to “chemically burn” off the surfaces damaged cell layers and reveal younger looking, healthy new cells. So picking at dry, flaky skin during the healing process can result in scarring and unnecessary redness.


Exfoliate: very important to not remove the dry flaky skin before its time and to let the skin heal naturally. Facial scrubs and acids will only irritate further and could result in scarring the skin.

Exercise: Sweating may reactivate the peel, causing warm tingling sensation as well as irritation. 


Bottom line: Hands off, protect your skin with SPF, use calming ingredients and let it run its course.

Note: Not all peels are subjected to peel. No guarantee to peel.

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